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10 Recommended Poses For Your Wedding Photos

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Finding the right poses can be overwhelming, challenging, but rewarding in the process. Sometimes, It's not easy for couples to figure out what types of poses they want to choose for their photos. As the Groom and Bride, you want to make sure that you are picking the right poses to bring out the best of your wedding day photos. We know for the clients, they have a hard time figuring out how and where they are going to pose for the wedding day. As a couple, it's important to do your research for the perfect poses you want to capture.

The internet has millions of poses you can use as a guide to get your creative juices flowing. Finding the perfect poses will make your photos trendy yet timeless which is what we do best for our clients. Don't stress don't worry we got you covered!!!! Here are 10 poses we highly recommend you use for your wedding pictures.

1. Walking


Walking is probably one of the easiest non-poses to do for a couple. It's a natural pose to where the bride and groom can walk away from the camera so they aren't looking towards it. Another idea is that the bride and groom can look at the camera as they are walking and talking. Walking, talking, and laughing leads to amazing imagery and great storytelling from the bride and groom.

2. Kissing


Another easy pose that you can do that is intimate and romantic is a kiss. As the bride and groom, the groom can be behind the bride's shoulder as he is kissing her or they can both kiss together whether it's partial or a full blown kiss. They can have their eyes close if they choose to do so. Make the kissing as passionate as possible to bring joy into reality.

3. Back to Back


Another quick pose the bride and groom can do is back to back. As the bride you stand in front of the groom and he will stand right behind you but on the side. As a couple, you can be centered standing side by side but back to back. You can be holding hands or leaning on one another. It's optional if the newlyweds want to be looking at the camera or away is fine. It's nothing like a couple standing in UNITY!!!!!!

4. Carrying the bride


Carrying the bride is one of the most classic and traditional poses in history. It takes a lot of strength for the groom to carry his beautiful bride in a couple shoot to make the scene magical. This pose does take a lot of time and effort to pull off because as a photographer you want to make sure their posing is rightfully structured and capturing the moment as well. As a couple, you can take the shot as the groom is carrying the bride towards the camera or you can take a close up shot from below the subjects.

5. Ring shot



It's nothing like finding the right pose to officially tie the knot as husband and wife like a ring shot. The Ring shot is perfect for engagement and wedding photos. The Ring shot has to be very in- depth and detailed as it's solely focused on the ring. There are different ways you can pull off this pose simply. The groom and bride can stand in front of one another showing their rings together. The groom kisses the ring from the bride's hand. The couple can request to do the shot up-close to show the ring.

6. The Forehead Rest


This moment in posing will make it soft and endearing. You as the bride and groom can till your heads together as you are resting on one another. You can be holding hands as you are resting or have your arms around each other. This pose will say the couple must rely on one another for support " I got you and baby you have me!!!!".

7.The Vignette


This pose is a frame itself when it comes to what you think you want to surround yourself in. A great example is nature which the trees can be used as a vignette to surround your love around with your lover. The trees bring out the simplicity and loving feel to your photos. This is a great pose for the bride and groom to do if they are looking for something nature like.

8. Groom/Bride Behind



A timeless pose that couples can simply use for their wedding/ engagement photos. As the groom, you will stand behind your lovely bride and place your hands around her. The bride will position her head to the right side of you, as she is looking away from the camera. This pose will look romantic, soft, and safe for the newlyweds.

9. The chase


If you want your photos to have some action and fun-thrills then a perfect chase would be a recommendation. As the Groom and Bride, you can run at the same speed as they have to correlate with one another to make the moment special. The newlyweds can be running as they are looking behind to the photographer or looking at each other. If you want some excitement in your photos then this is the pose for you.

10. Follow me


One of the most awwwww…. Moments that will melt your heart. This pose will bring so much Joy and tear dropping at the same time. The bride can take the groom's hand as she is leading him to another location or vice versa. It's nothing more joyful than telling your partner " I got you, you are safe with me". Capturing the sun or sunset is a plus for great composition.





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