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7 Gorgeous Black & White Photos Captured For Wedding & Engagement Sessions

A Couple's wedding portraits whether on their wedding day or during engagements are a lifetime treasure. Most couples opt to have all their photos captured in color, but what if you had some of your photos done in black & white?

Black and white will not only capture the intimate moments but will make your photos timeless. Check out some black and white examples from our portfolio on Instagram to see if it’s a good fit for you @Tolmanmedia.

Here are a few select examples:


Sweet and Adorable!


"When There's Light. Let There Be Love"


"Timeless Endless Love Story"


" You May Kiss The Bride"


"Let's Stay Together My ❤"


"Capturing the Log Cabin, Trees, Bridges, Stone Arches, Creeks, With Lots of Love"


" Awwwww… I'm Not Crying, You Are!!!!"

Personally, black and white photos are heaven sent. Remember the time when your parents and grandparents wedding photos were during that time period. It was a time where things were so simple and all you had was each other. The color monochrome of the photos nor the black/white didn’t matter at that moment. The photos conveyed a message stating "love conquers all" and love is all that matters.

As you know, the bride and groom are the main attraction for their wedding pictures. The grey area of the B&W photos highlights the couple's attraction from one another. B&W photos are also appreciated for highlighting the emotion, theme, and wedding. These pictures are decoration worthy to be placed in your homes.

Remember, black and white will make your photos memorable and unforgettable!

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