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How To Plan For A Bridal Portrait Session

How to plan for a bridal portrait session?

Planning for your bridal session can be a fun and exciting time. With all the stress of planning your wedding, it's the perfect time to "let your hair down" and enjoy the moment.

Bridal Portraits are usually the bride- only type of photo sessions. The bride decides on the location of where she would like to shoot her session and gets herself dressed in her wedding attire.

These photos can be displayed either on your wedding day among relatives/friends, framed in your house, or post/share on your social media. Bridal sessions aren't a waste of time or money, these sessions will allow you to embrace your beauty and live in the moment without any distractions. After all, it's like staring in a photo shoot.

Dana Cubbage Weddings' blog post " How To Prepare For Your Bridal Session" gives their tips on how brides should prepare for their sessions. Check out their blog post below


Here are some of our tips on planning your bridal sessions:



1. Plan ahead. Many photographers book up months or even years in advance. I would advise that if you are looking forward to booking bridal sessions with us, you schedule ahead as early as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us by phone or email for more information. You can even schedule your session through our website at https://www.tolmanmediacalifornia.com/. You can also contact us via email at booking@tolmanmediacalifornia.com.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. If you are planning on bringing your special wedding shoes like a brand-new pair of high heels, you want to be mindful of comfort. Your feet may hurt if you are walking around in your high heels the whole session so it's good to keep your options open. I would advise if you want to shoot your photos outdoors that you bring a pair of comfortable shoes. After all we don't want you to ruin your special shoes for your wedding day! Remember, most bridal portraits are shot from the upper body focus, so your shoes won't be seen in your pictures.


3. Have a bouquet. Of course, every bridal session incorporates a bouquet of flowers in some way. The bouquet represents creation of life and new beginnings for the bridal as she will embark in the next stage of her life. If you are planning on buying a bouquet, contact your wedding florist to place an order. Some florists may have a bridal portrait bouquet in their pricing.

4. Bring a family heirloom or other valuable items. Just like having a bouquet in your photo sessions, you can bring in other items that are special and dear to you. Those items can include a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, or even a piece of jewelry from a necklace to a bracket. If you are undecided on what to bring its best to bring all of your items to decide on the shoot.

5. Bring your jacket or coat in case of cold weather. It’s a good rule of thumb to bring a light jacket or coat in case of chilly weather. The weather can be unpredictable so it's important that you check the weather forecast before heading out the door.


6. Book your hair and makeup/rent a venue. If you are planning to get your hair and makeup done for your bridal session, then make sure to book it far in advance, and it’s always good to have your ducks in a row as soon as you can.

In terms of a venue or place, there are a lot of options in LA from the beaches, historical monuments to museums. You can check out our blog post "Top Five Engagement Locations Near Los Angeles" for more insight.



7. Bring Support. With all the tension and stress of your big wedding day coming up, it's important to relax and enjoy your special day. If you need some support from your friends or family members like mom, dad or siblings then they are welcome to come out. You don’t have to do this by yourself, after all you have a support system that is there for you no matter what!


Now that we have given you some tips, it's time to put those tips to use! To get started, you can check out some of our work here https://www.instagram.com/tolman.media/ and see the packages that we offer in the Los Angeles area: https://www.tolmanmediacalifornia.com/special

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