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Why Should I Hire A Videographer For My Wedding ?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you are reading this, it’s likely that the big wedding day is right around the corner, and you're in the process of planning it—from finding a caterer to a wedding venue and more!

You already know you're going to have a photographer, but what about a videographer? Every couple has their doubts on whether a videographer is worth the additional cost and if it fits the budget.

According to the survey by Digital Video Productions it states, "Only about 50 percent of about-to-be-married brides thought videography was one of the top ten things to include in the wedding". However, about 75 percent of brides wished they had their wedding day filmed.

The article "Bridal Regrets, Don't Be That Bride" is a question-answer interview article that detailed the regrets brides have when they didn't have their wedding filmed. Check out their article at https://rgovideographer.com/bridal-regrets/.

Personally, I think having your wedding filmed by a videographer is just as important as having a photographer take pictures for your wedding day.

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a videographer for your wedding.

  1. Star in Your Own Film.

Video has drastically changed over the past decade in terms of accessibility and quality. Your wedding is one of the few times that you get to star in a professional shoot and share it with family, friends and the world—not to mention your posterity!

It's the special moments you will forever hold on to and cherish. At Tolman Media we will make your film debut a personal "box office hit" and " Hollywood Royal" with our world class team!

2. Share instantly

As I mentioned above, technology has changed the landscape of how we communicate to one another and what is accessible to us. Today bride's blog "New Videography Trends and Technology" details how technology has changed the way we view videos in today's climate. Check out their website below:


We know it’s often important to share your wedding video on social media so we offer a teaser highlight video made specifically for Instagram and Facebook so you can share your beautiful day with everyone!

3. Recapture the Moments

Imagine how valuable your wedding video will be 20- 30 years from now. Generations after you will be able to relive your wedding day as you once did, and the power of modern technology will reconnect you with those treasured memories again

As we recapture moments ourselves here is a snippet video you can check out from out IG @tolmanmedia


4. Create a Family Heirloom

Every family has something they pass down to their families from generation to generation. It can be anything from videos, furniture, recipes, and letters. Wedding videos are among the most memorable in capturing the love between lovers and their families.

Capture the big moments today so your legacy can live on with future generations to come!

5. Capture the Vows, Speeches and Special Moments

Photography can capture certain moments in time, but a video can do so much more than what a photo can capture.

A videographer can film and capture impactful moments like a bride and groom reading their vows to one another surrounded by their friends and family or even record the music as the couple are sharing their first dance at their wedding or capture the words of family and friends as they toast to a wonderful future for you and your special someone!

Bottom line, your wedding is a very special day so why not capture as much of it as you can! 😊

See more examples on our Instagram like this couple enjoying their wedding day in paradise.


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Check out this lovely couple as they are enjoying their wedding day in paradise.


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